Iranian scientist free to go: Hillary Clinton

An Iranian nuke scientist, who claimed that he was abducted by the US, is "free to go", Clinton said.

Washington: An Iranian nuclear
scientist, who claimed that he was abducted by the US and took
refuge in the Iran`s office at the Pakistani Embassy here, is
"free to go", Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday.

The Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri today
surfaced at the Iranian intersection at the Pakistani
Embassy in Washington, days after he alleged in a video on You
Tube that he had been abducted by the US spies from Saudi
"Let me say that Mr.Amiri has been in the United
States of his own free will. And he is free to go," Clinton
told reporters at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State

"In fact, he was scheduled to travel to Iran
yesterday but was unable to make all of the necessary
arrangements to reach Iran through transit countries," Clinton
said in response to a question.

In contrast, Clinton said Iran continues to hold
three young Americans against their will.

"And we reiterate our request that they be released
and allowed to return to their families on a humanitarian
basis," she said.

"We also continue to have no information on the
welfare and whereabouts of Robert Levinson, who has been
missing in Iran since 2007.
We continue to request Iranian cooperation in
resolving this matter and in ensuring his safe return to the
United States," Clinton said.

Earlier State Department spokesman P J Crowley,
said, right now Amiri is in Pakistani Embassy in Washington,
where he travelled on his own.

"Mr. Amiri came to the United States of his own free
will. He`s been here for some time. I`m not going to specify
how long. But he has chosen to return to Iran and is in the
process of making appropriate travel arrangements," Crowley


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