`Iran`s letter to IAEA has deficiencies`

Hillary Clinton said Iran`s letter of notification to the IAEA had "a number of deficiencies."

Beijing: US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton said on Tuesday Iran`s letter of notification to the UN
atomic watchdog on a nuclear fuel swap deal brokered by Turkey
and Brazil had "a number of deficiencies."

"We discussed at some length the shortcomings of the
recent proposal put forward by Iran in its letter to the IAEA
(International Atomic Energy Agency)," Clinton told reporters
following two days of strategic talks with China.

"There are a number of deficiencies which do not answer
the concerns of the international community."

On Monday, Iran formally notified the IAEA of its
response to the nuclear fuel swap deal, under which it would
ship some low enriched uranium to Turkey in return for higher
grade fuel for a Tehran research reactor.

The IAEA itself did not immediately comment on the
content of the letter.

Western governments have been dismissive of the deal,
which they have said fails to address international concerns
about Iran`s nuclear programme.

Washington forged a compromise on a new draft sanctions
resolution in the UN Security Council, which it says has the
support of all five permanent members including China, a close
ally of Tehran.

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