Irish PM accused of ripping off Obama’s inauguration speech

Irish Prime Minister, however, said it was a transparent tribute to Obama.

London: Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has been accused of plagiarism amid claims that he ripped off one of United States President Barack Obama’s own speeches to welcome him to Ireland.

Kenny made the address as he welcomed Obama and wife Michelle at College Green in Dublin on Monday, but cynics are pointing out the stark similarities with the ‘Yes we can’ speech made by the US President at Grand Park, Chicago, in November 2008.

The Irish Prime Minister has now confessed that the first 40 words of his 470-word address introducing Obama were from the famous victory address, with the words ‘America’ swapped for ‘Ireland’ and ‘founders’ for ‘ancestors’.

However, he said it was a transparent tribute to Obama rather than a demonstration of his lack of imagination when it came to his own talent for public speaking.

“It was a tribute to the President of the United States as distinct from anything else. That’s one of his most famous speeches and it hangs in my office,” The Daily Mail quoted Kenny, as saying.


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