Israel asks UN to condemn attacks blamed on Iran

Israel has lodged a complaint before the UN chief over the alleged terror campaign launched by Iran and its proxy Hezbollah against Israeli targets.

New York: Israel has lodged a
complaint before the UN chief over the alleged terror campaign
launched by Iran and its "proxy" Hezbollah against Israeli
targets in recent weeks, including in India and Thailand.

"This campaign bears the unmistakable fingerprints of the
Iranian regime and the highest echelons of the Hezbollah

"Their actions constitute a clear threat to security and
stability of Lebanon, to the Middle East, and to many
countries that have been targeted," Israel`s Permanent
Representative to the United Nations, Ron Proser, said in a
letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

In each of these instances in Thailand, India, Bulgaria,
Georgia and Azerbaijan, the letter said, Iran and Hezbollah
have "sought to harm innocent civilians and have flagrantly
violated the sovereignty of member states."

Noting that an Israeli embassy car was targeted in New
Delhi on Monday and Iranian suspects were apprehended over
Tuesday`s Bangkok blasts, it said these are not isolated

"Iran has long employed international terrorism as a
pillar of its foreign policy, often using Hezbollah as a proxy
to stage attacks," the letter said.

The UN Security Council should have condemned the attacks
in New Delhi, Tbilisi and Bangkok immediately, it said.

"Israel expects it to issue a clear condemnation...
without any further delay or equivocation. The Council must
also address this threat by considering active steps against
Iran, Hezbollah and their terrorist infrastructure worldwide,"
the letter said.

The Israel envoy to the UN pointed out that many member
states and regional organisations have recognised Iran and
Hezbollah as partners in terrorism.

"Lebanese soil remains fertile ground from which Hezbollah
plans, directs and executes its attacks. The government of
Lebanon has a clear responsibility to swiftly disarm
Hezbollah, and stem the flow of arms from Iran and Syria into
Lebanon, as numerous Security Council resolutions require,"
the letter by Prosor said.

Calling Hezbollah and Iran as "two agents of terrorism",
he said that they "remain driven by an extremist ideology and
a desire to advance chaos and instability.

They continue to present a clear and imminent danger to
innocent people in all corners of the globe, as we witnessed
this week in New Delhi, Bangkok and Tbilisi," he said in the


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