Israel seeking arms, ammunition from US

Israel is seeking arms and ammunitions in bulk from its close ally America.

Jerusalem: Israel is seeking arms and ammunitions in bulk from its close ally America, triggering speculation of a possible outbreak of a military confrontation in the region.
The Israeli request includes Joint Direct Attack Munition
(JDAM ) bombs for its Air Force as well as significant
expansion of the emergency stores held by the American army in
the Jewish state which can be utilised when need be, daily
`Ha`aretz` reported.

The request was made during recent visits to Washington
by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak and Director General of
the Defence Ministry, Udi Shani, in their conversations with
senior administration and Congress officials.

The priority list reflects the security threats the
defence establishment believes Israel will face in the next
few years, including possibility of a prolonged war, which
would necessitate the country using its Air Force widely to
attack many targets, along with ensuring enough spare parts
and supplies, the report said.

Israel has requested for the JDAM bombs to increase the
number of such munitions already in its arsenal.

They were used by the Jewish state in the Second Lebanon
War against Shi`ite militant faction, Hizbullah, in 2006 and
during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in 2008.

Israel is also seeking an increase in the amount of gear
held by the American army in their emergency stores in Israel
by 50 per cent, raising it from ammunitions worth USD 800
million to USD 1.2 billion.


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