Israeli army whistleblower pleads guilty in deal

Anat Kamm copied more than 2,000 military documents as a clerk.

Jerusalem: A former Israeli soldier has signed
a plea bargain agreement in which she admits to passing secret
documents to a newspaper reporter.

Anat Kamm copied more than 2,000 military documents when
she served as a clerk in a general`s office. Some of them
related to the military`s policy of targeted killings of
Palestinian militants.

In 2008 she gave them to a journalist for the daily

Kamm was arrested in 2010 and remains under house arrest.
Israeli authorities said the documents could have endangered
the lives of Israeli soldiers, and initially charged her with
espionage and harming state security.

Today`s plea bargain included lesser but still serious
charges of collecting and passing on secret information.

Kamm`s jail sentence has yet to be decided by the court.