Israeli soldier missing in Gaza since Friday is dead: Army

An Israeli soldier, who was believed to had been captured by Hamas militants, was on Saturday night declared dead.

Zee Media Bureau

Jerusalem: An Israeli soldier, who was believed to had been captured by Hamas militants, was on Saturday night declared dead.

The reports of the abduction of 23-year-old Hadar Goldin of the Givati infantry brigade in a firefight had shattered a temporary ceasefire in Gaza.

The declaration by the Israeli military came hours after the Jewish country signalled it plans to scale back its operation against Hamas militants.

The military announced that Goldin had been killed in battle on Friday. Israel`s Defence Minister, along with the chief military rabbi, met with the soldier`s family at their home in the town of Kfar Saba.
Hundreds of well-wishers had gathered outside their home, praying and showing their support. There was an outpouring of grief when the military`s announcement was made public. "Prior to the decision, all medical considerations, religious observances, as well as additional relevant issues were taken into consideration," the military said.

The Israeli military had previously said it believed the soldier was grabbed in a Hamas ambush about an hour after an internationally brokered ceasefire took effect on Friday morning. Hamas on Saturday distanced itself from the soldier`s alleged capture, which had prompted widespread international condemnation.

US President Barack Obama, UN chief Ban Ki-moon and others had called for his immediate and unconditional release.

For Israel, the capture of a soldier or civilian by Palestinian militants is a nightmare scenario with far-reaching implications.

Israel has gone to great lengths in the past to get back its captured soldiers. In 2011, it traded over a thousand Palestinian prisoners, many involved in deadly attacks on civilians, for a single Israeli soldier who had been captured by Hamas-allied militants in 2006. The capture of two soldiers in a cross-border operation by Lebanon`s Hezbollah gunmen in 2006 sparked a 34-day war between the Iranian-backed militant Shi`ite group and Israel.
Soon after the soldier was believed abducted on Friday, Israel conducted extensive searches in the territory and deployed heavy fire that killed scores of Palestinians.

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