Israeli troops kill wanted Hamas man

Iyad Abu Shilbaya`s brother says the deceased was a Hamas political activist.

Jerusalem: The Israeli military says troops have killed a wanted Hamas member in a West Bank raid.

The military says soldiers were trying to arrest Iyad Abu Shilbaya early Friday in the town of Tulkarem when he ran at them, ignoring orders to halt. The military says troops feared he had a weapon and shot him.

The man`s brother, Moetasim Abu Shilbaya, says troops burst into his house and killed him in his bedroom. He says his brother was a Hamas political activist, not an armed militant.

The Western-backed Palestinian Authority and Israel have carried out West Bank crackdowns against Hamas, the Iran-backed Islamic group that controls the Gaza Strip.

Hamas militants killed four Israeli settlers on September 01, just as new Mideast peace talks were getting under way.

Bureau Report