‘Israel’s actions have increased chances of war in Middle East’

Syrian has said that the chances of a war in the Middle East have increased.

Zeenews Bureau

Damascus: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday said that the chances of a war in the Middle East have increased in wake of Israel’s aggression against Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

In an interview to BBC, Syrian President termed the Israeli government as “pyromaniac” and said that his government is trying to prevent a war, but chances are looking grim to broker a peace deal with the present regime in Tel Aviv.

Al-Assad categorically rejected the claims and appeared unfazed by the accusations from the Israel, US and Britain that Syria is arming Lebanon’s Hezbollah with advanced and accurate weapons.
On the relations with Iran vis-à-vis the US, the Syrian President made it clear that his country will continue to have an alliance with Iran even as it remains interested in maintaining good relations with Washington.

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