Italian PM Berlusconi still holding bunga bunga parties

Silvio Berlusconi is being on trial for sex with an underage prostitute.

London: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is still holding his ‘bunga bunga’ parties despite being on trial for sex with an underage prostitute, it has emerged.

The details were revealed in a series of leaked wire taps between Grand Prix chief Flavio Briatore and friends which form part of a separate investigation and have been passed onto Berlusconi prosecutors, reports the Telegraph.

According to the wire taps between London-based Briatore and his friends, the billionaire media tycoon has switched the venue from his villa at Arcore near Milan, to another property he owns a few miles away.

The house serves as headquarters of University of Freedom, which is linked to his People of Freedom partly and is also used by visiting VIPs.

The phrase "bunga bunga" is said to refer to a crude after dinner sex games that take place at the parties Berlusconi hosted at Arcore.

Prosecutors in the port of Genoa investigating Briatore have passed the wire taps between the racing chief and his friends, onto colleagues in Milan involved in the bunga bunga case.

While in a statement Berlusconi`s lawyer Niccolo Ghedini said: “This article which says parties have been organised at Villa Gernetto is completely without foundation".


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