`Italian PM has marble statue of him as Superman`

A belly dancer claims Italian PM has a marble statue of himself as Superman.

London: A teenage belly dancer, who has denied having sex with Silvio Berlusconi, has claimed that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has a marble statue of himself as Superman.

Karima Keyek, 18, given EUR 7,000 and a diamond necklace by the leader, insisted that he was ``more like a father`` after he invited her to his house with several other women for a Valentine`s Day party.

Berlusconi has also been hit by a fresh claim from a high-class call girl who alleges he paid her EUR 10,000 for sex.

Nadia Macri, 28, made the statement to prosecutors probing allegations that sex and drugs parties were held at the Italian leader’s holiday villa.

She said she slept with 74-year-old Berlusconi twice and that he had sex in a Jacuzzi with several other women.

Her most damaging accusation was that marijuana was offered to the women at the parties and it had been flown to Sardinia on the Prime Minister’s official plane.

The latest allegations are certain to increase pressure on the gaffe-prone PM who was already fending off questions regarding his relationship with Keyek.

“When I arrived at this huge villa I was dumbstruck - up until then I had been sleeping on benches,” the Daily Mail quoted Keyek as saying.

“That night there were 10 girls, some famous, some not and everyone was very elegant. I sat next to Silvio. We talked about everything except politics and he made fun of the opposition leader Pier Luigi Bersani.”

“Then he showed us a marble statue of Superman that had his (Berlusconi) face.”

“Then he sang me a song because it was a new one (he had co-written) called Se Tu Non Fossi Tu (If You Were Not You). I felt like Cinderella - with the prospect of waking up at midnight and being back to reality,” she added.

In her 300-page statement, which has been leaked to the Italian media, Macri claims to have received jewels and EUR 5,000 (GBP 4,400) each time she slept with the Prime Minister.

Describing the Jacuzzi scene, she said: “The girls were lining up and Berlusconi was in there and said `next`.”

“Sometimes we would all be in there having sex.”

“When we went to Sardinia there was about 25 of us girls and there was grass to smoke in the rooms.”

“It had been flown over on the Prime Minister’s official plane.”

“I saw people smoking but I never saw the Prime Minister smoking,” Macri added.


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