Italian PM’s ‘bunga-bunga’ mystery solved!

Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous ‘bunga-bunga’ parties are in 3-phase sequence.

Updated: Mar 17, 2011, 15:33 PM IST

London: Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous ‘bunga-bunga’ parties are in a three-phase sequence, claim prosecutors.

In their latest report, prosecutors have said that ‘bunga-bunga’ describe the three-phase sequence of Italian Prime Minister’s adult parties.

"The first phase consisted of a dinner; the second was the `bunga bunga` phase which took place in a room used as a discotheque, where the participants appeared in masks, performing striptease and erotic dances ... and being touched on their intimate parts by Mr Berlusconi," the Independent quoted them as saying.
In the third phase, "one or more young women spend the night with Berlusconi for payments above those received by the other participants".