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Italy govt in peril as Silvio Berlusconi ministers quit coalition

Last Updated: Sunday, September 29, 2013 - 17:36

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

Rome: Italian President Giorgio Napolitano was mulling on options to avoid another elections after all five ministers from Silvio Berlusconi’s party quit the ruling coalition just days ahead of a Senate committee vote that was to decide on revoking the former PM’s legislative seat in light of his conviction in tax fraud case.

The resignations would prove to be a strong blow to an already wobbly Italian government, which was stiched in february this year by an unusal coming together of rival parties.

The latest twist in Italian politics is set to plunge the country back to the phase of instability and uncertainty as President Giorgio Napolitano would decide if new elections would be necessary.

The withdrawal of five ministers belonging to Berlusconi’s centre-right People of Liberty Party from the coalition has invited strong reaction from PM Enrico Letta who said it was a "mad and irresponsible" act of Burlusconi.

Berlusconi’s ministers quit the coalition citing the government’s inability to revoke an increase to Italy`s sales tax that comes into effect next week.
However, PM Letta called it as an “alibi” claiming that Berlusconi was pressurizing the government on sales tax issue only to justify his “crazy and irresponsible gesture, all aimed only to cover up his personal affairs."

A Senate vote next week was set to strip Berlusconi of his Senate seat because of his tax fraud conviction.
Italy, the eurozone`s third largest economy, is already in a tottering economic condition and any further political instability which seems very obvious in wake of Berlusconi’s act, will not augur well for the country’s recession, debt and high rate of unemployment.

First Published: Sunday, September 29, 2013 - 09:47
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