It`s bhai vs bhai in Labour leadership contest

Miliband brothers David and Ed are in the race to become the next leader of the Labour party.

London: In a rare case of sibling
rivalry, the Miliband brothers David and Ed are in the
race to become the next leader of the Labour party, which lost
power in the May 6 election and saw its leader Gordon Brown
step down owning responsibility.

David was the Foreign secretary in the Brown
government while the younger brother, Ed, was the Energy

The next leader is expected to be in place by the
party`s annual conference in September and both Milibands have
thrown in their hats into the contest.

Will the outcome affect family relations
David has insisted that "brotherly love will survive",
whoever wins, and added that he was "absolutely confident" the
family could "remain strong" whatever happened.

He said: "We have talked very frankly and openly to
each other because we love each other as brothers. Brotherly
love will survive because brotherly love is more important
than politics".

While David will be 45 in July, while Ed is 40 years
old. Both were members of the Cabinet at the same time.

Sons of late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband, the two
brother of Jewish origin, studied at Oxford University before
taking the plunge into politics.

David, a former protege of former Prime Minister Tony
Blair, has said he wants to rebuild the Labour Party as "the
great reforming champion of social and economic change in this

He told BBC that the party was proud of what it had
achieved in government between 1997 and 2010 and recognised
that "Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did great things".

But he added: "We have to move beyond that because it
is a new era".

He said Labour had to acknowledge that it had "lost
this election and lost it badly" and now had to "re-engage
with the public and understand, especially in England, why we

Ed, a former speech writer for the acting Labour
leader Harriet Harman, is less well-known than David, but he
is known to have the backing of trade union Unite and has
supporters in the Parliamentary Labour Party.


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