Jail for sexual assault for Pakistan-origin gang leaders

Ringleaders of a pimping gang, mostly comprising people of Pakistani-origin, that inflicted sexual terror on vulnerable young girls in Derby in the UK have been given indefinite jail sentences.

Updated: Jan 08, 2011, 19:13 PM IST

London: Ringleaders of a pimping gang,
mostly comprising people of Pakistani-origin, that inflicted
sexual terror on vulnerable young girls in Derby in the UK
have been given indefinite jail sentences.

According to a report in The Times, 27-year-old Abid
Siddique, a contract cleaner, and 28-year-old Mohammed Liaqat,
who has a conviction for a racially motivated assault,
presented themselves in the Pakistani community as family men
and devout Muslims.

But they were sexual predators prepared to employ
threats and violence in order to rape and abuse.

The two men, who led a 13-strong gang, cruised the
city streets in a silver BMW with blacked-out windows, a
bottle of vodka under the driver`s seat and cocaine in the
glove box.

They prowled for girls as young as 12, the more
rootless the better. According to the report they befriended
their victims, offering them alcohol and drugs, before
subjecting them to systematic abuse in Bread and Breakfast
hotel rooms or behind bushes in local parks.

They even filmed the assaults on mobile phones for the
gratification of their friends. Judge Philip Head at the
Nottingham Crown Court told Siddique, whom he described as an
evil predator with a voracious sexual appetite, that he would
be sent to jail for at least 11 years but would be released
only when he was no longer considered a danger to the public.

He told Liaqat that he must serve at least eight
years. In all 13 men, all from Derby, were eventually charged
in relation to the case and nine were convicted of offences
including rape, sex with a child, sexual assault, false
imprisonment, perverting the course of justice and making
child pornography.

Siddique was convicted of four rapes, aiding and
abetting rape, two sexual assaults, three counts of sexual
activity with a child, making child pornography, false
imprisonment and perverting the course of justice.

Liaqat was found guilty of rape, aiding and abetting
rape, four counts of sexual activity with a child, two sexual
assaults, making child pornography and affray.

Already convicted and sentenced are Mohammed Imran
Rehman, 26, jailed for seven and a half years for rape, and
Faisal Mehmood, 24, who admitted sexual activity with a child,
was jailed for three years and has now been deported to

Akshay Kumar, 38, a hospital porter believed to have
changed his name to that of a Bollywood film star, was given a
prison sentence of two years and ten months after pleading
guilty to making child pornography. Naweed Liaqat, 33, brother of Mohammed Liaqat, and
Farooq Ahmed, 29 admitted perverting the course of justice and
were each jailed for 18 months.

Graham Blackham, 26, received a three-year sentence
for two counts of breachign a sexual offences prevention
order. Ziafat Yasin, 31, was jailed for three years after he
admitted supplying cocaine to the gang.

Siddique and Liaqat stopped their BMW to chat and
flirt whenever they spotted a vulnerable girl. They picked up
victims at street corners, housing estates, railway stations
and shopping malls or as the girls walked from school.

They put on the charm and plied the girls with
cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to secure their mobile phone
numbers. Later they were invited to "parties", where they were
passed around.

Operation Retriever, a huge police investigation,
identified 27 victims but officers believe that many more have
not come forward. They were aged between 12 and 18,
predominantly from troubled backgrounds.

Two were in a local authority care but one was a
14-year-old Senior Secondary student from a solid middle-class
family. Judge Head told the two bearded men in the dock: "Your
method was the targeting, approaching, befriending and gain
the confidence of vulnerable young females with a view to sex
at any price.

Their age and lack of consent was no obstacle to
either of you. You used one target as a means of meeting other
young girls to target.

"Your grooming involved plying your victims with
drink or drugs to promote compliance or dependence upon you,
usually getting them to secure locations, whether a safe house
or secluded spot, sometimes preventing your victims from
getting away and sometimes using actual violence or threats to
overbear them and also abusing and humiliating them by
emphasising your contempt for them.

"Your general attitude was your victims were
worthless, there purely for your sexual gratification.

They were young human beings who you treated with a
total lack of humanity and respect.

Your have caused what is likely to be a prolonged
and desperate blight on your young victims` lives."