Jailed British Muslim terrorist rants on extremist website

Shah Jalal Hussain is heard slamming fake jehadis who don`t prepare properly.

London: A convicted British Muslim terrorist is urging fanatics to train with guns for a holy war in a rant on an Internet site, which also features sermons by hate clerics such as Egyptian-born Abu Hamza.

Shah Jalal Hussain, who was jailed two years ago for raising funds for terrorists in Iraq, is heard slamming "fake jehadis" who do not prepare properly for holy war, The Sun reported on Thursday.

Lawmakers demanded the extremist website be shut down.

Identified by his alias of Abu Muwahid, the 26-year-old raves: "Jehad training is shooting, learning to fire a gun. Going to the gym or running around Hyde Park five times - it is not jehad training. It is called fitness training."

Hussain`s rant has been listened to 200 times in three days.

A Sun investigation revealed the site is a showcase for six of the world`s most notorious hate preachers.

Militants have logged on thousands of times to listen to recordings of their bile-filled sermons. There are also appeals for credit card donations.

Fanatics have logged on to hear sermons by hook-handed Hamza -- fighting extradition to the US after being convicted of soliciting murder in Britain.

Although the website clearly targets Britain, its server is based outside British jurisdiction in the US.

Senior Tory MP Patrick Mercer, an expert on terror, said on Wednesday: "The home secretary needs to investigate with great urgency. As the server is in the US, I see no reason why it cannot be shut down."

Mohammed Shafique, of the moderate Ramadhan Foundation said: "There is no place for people who advocate violence and terrorism. The home secretary and the US should act."


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