Japan PM determined to stay despite shaky ruling coalition

Japanese Prime Minister is determined to win support for his policies.

Jeju: Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama expressed his determination to remain in power and do what he must to win support for his policies, despite instability in the ruling coalition.

"I will do my best to win understanding for the actions that I have taken," Hatoyama replied on whether he is considering stepping down ahead of the forthcoming upper house election.

"That is the way to fulfill the responsibility of my current position," Hatoyama said here.

His decision to keep most of the operations of the US Marine Corps` Futenma Air Station within Okinawa Prefecture, contrary to initial hopes, has sparked strong criticism among
the public and within the tripartite ruling coalition.

Hatoyama dismissed SDP chief Mizuho Fukushima as consumer affairs minister for refusing to accept the government`s latest policy on relocating the airfield.


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