Jubilation in Romney camp on Ryan as Vice-Prez pick

There was jubilation in Romney camp as the Republican Prez candidate announced to pick Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Washington: Trailing behind incumbent Barack Obama in the run-up to the November presidential elections, there was jubilation in the Romney camp as the Republican Presidential candidate on Saturday announced to pick Congressman Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate.

Republican party`s rising star Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana Governor, said that Ryan has the "courage of his convictions, which is what our nation needs."

Indian American Jindal, who was among those shortlisted for the vice presidential candidates, said that Paul is a good friend of his and one of the smartest guys he served with in the Congress.

Before being elected as the Louisiana Governor, Jindal was a member of the US House of Representatives.

The former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, applauded Romney`s selection of Ryan as his vice presidential running mate.

"Ryan`s command of economic policy and the federal budget will prove invaluable as Romney fights to reform government, accelerate job growth and rein in the out-of-control spending that has been a hallmark of President Obama`s years in office.

"This is a courageous choice and the type of leadership American voters deserve," he said.

"Paul Ryan is a bold, outstanding pick," said Republican Senator Bob Corker.

"He`s a true leader with a great family who has shown with courage and commitment that he understands the depth of our country`s fiscal problems and what it`s going to take to address them," he said.

"By choosing Paul Ryan, Governor Romney has shown that he is absolutely committed to putting our nation`s fiscal issues in the rearview mirror so we can ensure our country`s greatness for generations to come," Croker said.

Newt Gingrich, the former Republican presidential candidate, said that Romney has made a courageous choice for a BIG solutions election.

"Paul Ryan is the largest step the GOP has taken towards solving the country`s problems since Reagan and Kemp," he said.

Rick Santorum, former Republican presidential candidate, said Ryan is "an outstanding choice" as America`s next vice president and today`s announcement demonstrates Romney`s commitment to returning fiscal sanity back to Washington, DC.

"In addition to Congressman Ryan`s stellar fiscal conservative positions, he is indeed a full-spectrum conservative.

"He is solidly pro-life, pro-family, and will be an advocate for our military and our national security priorities," Santorum said.

Describing "Ryan Is a Great Pick", Congressman Tom Rooney said that Ryan understands better than anyone else the fiscal challenges the country faces after four years of Obama.

"He has shown the courage to face those challenges head-on. He knows that to get our economy going and help Americans get back to work, we have to change course from the failed big-spending, big-government policies of the Obama Administration.

"Most importantly, I am confident that he would be ready to step in on day one and lead this country as Commander in Chief," Rooney said.

Congratulating Romney for making a "thoughtful and serious choice" by selecting Ryan to be his running mate, Senator Johnny Isakson said Ryan is a serious candidate who has clearly demonstrated that he has the discipline to help Romney tackle the country`s very serious fiscal issues.

"He understands that America cannot afford to continue to go down a path of record debt and deficits, and he has real solutions to get our nation back on a path of prosperity," he said.

YG Action Fund, a Super PAC dedicated to supporting candidates who hold true to the Young Guns Movement, congratulated Ryan on being selected as Romney`s Vice Presidential running mate in 2012.

"The race has changed. Optimism, economic growth and a strong vision for the next generation of Americans now dominates the race because of Mitt Romney`s selection of Paul Ryan.

"Today the race becomes the serious debate about issues that America deserves," said Brad Dayspring, senior adviser to the YG Action Fund.

Ryan is an energetic and solid social conservative, said Penny Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women for America.

"He has tirelessly supported the unborn and voted in favour of a federal marriage amendment.

In addition, he showed great courage and willingness to make the hard decisions needed to clean our fiscal house by actually putting pen to paper and advancing a plan," she said.


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