`Judge complains to Brit PM about soft law on drunken driving`

A judge reportedly said the law of the land is too "soft" on maniac drivers.

London: A judge has reportedly made a formal complaint to Britain`s Prime Minister David Cameron, saying the law of the land is too "soft" on maniac drivers.

An angry Steve Everett spoke out after handling a case in which a speeding drunk motorist nearly killed three teenagers after mounting a pavement. He wanted to lock up 23-year-old Christopher Marr for far longer than the law permits.

And, he ordered transcripts of the case to be sent to the PM, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke and the Chief Justice, `The Sun` reported.

Marr, who drove on the wrong side of the road at 90 mph before maiming the three pals, admitted dangerous driving. The maximum sentence for the crime is two years in jail. But, he could have got 14 years had any of his victims died.

In the event, Bolton Crown Court judge Everett gave him 19 months, even having to trim the maximum term due to Marr`s early guilty plea. He added another seven months for other offences, including failing to provide a specimen.

But he told Marr: "The reality is the sentence I can pass in no way reflects the gravity of what you did. It defies belief governments have not seen fit to increase the maximum sentence," the British tabloid said.

Samantha Foster, the mother of a 14-year-old victim Devon, was quoted as saying, "There`s no justice."