Keep terrorism issue outside religious domain: Indonesian Prez

Indonesian leader says threat of terrorism must be dealt with in correct way.

Jakarta: Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has said that the issue of terrorism must never be brought into the political and religious domains.

"I have never taken the terrorism issue into the political arena because it is not a political issue and we also cannot associate terrorism with any religion because it is not a religious teaching," he said at a cabinet meeting here on Tuesday.

Therefore, he said, he had always referred the need for action to fight and prevent terrorism to the law enforcing agencies, including the police, the prosecutor’s office, the courts.

"We must stick to this path. The terrorism issue must not be mixed up with politics or religion," he said.

He further said terrorism was a sensitive issue. "We know, it is sensitive matter in our country because we often misunderstand what the law enforcers have done," he added.

Therefore, he said, the threat of terrorism must be dealt with in a correct and professional way and clarified to the public.