Keeping a suspect in police custody is more expensive than 5-star hotel!

A night in a luxury room at The Grand Hotel, Brighton, costs 185 pounds.

London: New figures released by UK Police have revealed that keeping a suspect in police custody costs more than putting someone at a five-star hotel.

The bill for the first eight hours in a basic custody cell is 359 pounds, with the price dropping to 205 pounds for every subsequent eight-hour period, reports the Daily Mail.

The costs equate to a 769 pounds bill for police to keep a prisoner in custody for a 24-hour period, according to figures from Sussex Police.

By comparison, a night in a luxury room at The Grand Hotel, Brighton, costs 185 pounds. Luxury suites cost 205 pounds a night.

Despite prisoners receiving just basic food and a blanket for the night, the price still outstrips The Grand, where guests sleep in Egyptian cotton sheets and receive free luxury gifts in their rooms.

Defending the price of a night in the cells, Superintendent Russ Whitfield of Sussex Police said: “All of those costs are based on what services and resources are provided, including staffing, food and blankets.”

“The significant difference between us and a luxury hotel is that Sussex Police have to detain individuals against their will. We have a duty to do this safely and protect the public,” he added.


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