Kerry would make exceptional Secretary of State: US lawmakers

Top US lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic parties welcomed nomination of Senator John Kerry as the next Secretary of State.

Washington: Top US lawmakers from both Republican and Democratic parties on Friday welcomed nomination of Senator John Kerry as the next Secretary of State, noting that he would make an exceptional diplomat in this position.

Congratulating Kerry on his nomination, Senator John McCain said he looks forward to considering it as the Senate fulfills its responsibilities to provide advice and consent.

"Our nation faces complex challenges around the world which demand strong American leadership, and the next Secretary of State has big shoes to fill. Senator John Kerry has served our nation with honor and distinction for many years," McCain said.

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi said Obama has made a wise choice in nominating Kerry as next Secretary of State.

"Senator Kerry will bring deep experience, extraordinary intellect, and sound judgment to the task of effectively representing American interests and values on the world stage," she said.

Senator Ben Cardin, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chairman of Subcommittee on International Development and Foreign Assistance, and Co-Chairman of the US Helsinki Commission, said Kerry is fully prepared to tackle all of the challenges that will face him as top US diplomat.

"The next Secretary of State will need to be open to systemic reforms within the Department while remaining a strong advocate for America`s interests around the world," he said.

"Kerry is well respected among his colleagues in the Senate and I look forward to a prompt and thorough confirmation process that will provide an opportunity to address some of the serious security and political challenges facing American diplomats and development professionals abroad," Cardin said.

"Kerry will make an exceptional Secretary of State," said House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith.

"As Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, he also fully understands the power of diplomacy, and using soft power to achieve our national security objectives. This understanding will be key to his success," he added.

Kerry is a wise choice for the nation for Secretary of State, said Senator Mark Begich.

"After his many years of service in the Senate and especially as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, he knows his way around the world and is respected by international leaders," he said.

Tipped to become the next Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Robert Menendez applaud Obama for selecting Kerry as the next Secretary of State.

"He will be an exceptional Secretary of State. His life and work have led him to this place, and America will be safer and more secure under his leadership. He is an extraordinary choice for extraordinary times," Menendez said.


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