`Kim Jong-Un provocations likely to prove he’s tough`

Last Updated: Friday, April 5, 2013 - 13:15

Washington: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is compelled to prove just how tough he is to make up for his inexperience, according to a psychological profile put together by US intelligence.

North Korea moved a missile to its east coast on Thursday, possibly putting its neighbours, but not the United States, within range.

According to CBS News, satellite photos show new activity at a North Korean nuclear reactor used to make fuel for bombs.

It was another day of belligerent threats from a new dictator who may be as young as 29.

Kim Jong-Un said he is ready to attack the US.

The two previous North Korean dictators were Kim Jong-Un`s grandfather, Kim Il Sung, a hard core revolutionary, and his father, Kim Jong Il, who ruled for 17 years.

But unlike them, Kim Jong-Un knows nothing about hardship and power struggles.

One of the CIA`s former top experts on North Korea, Joseph DeTrani, described Kim Jong-Un as very young.

DeTrani has tracked Kim Jong-Un from his prep school days in Switzerland, through his sudden ascension to power after the death of his father.

With a stylish wife, Kim Jong-Un looked more moderate, but instead he has been acting like a man with something to prove to his own military, the report added.


First Published: Friday, April 5, 2013 - 13:15
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