`Korean peninsula on brink of war’

N Korea`s state news agency says US military exercises a provocative policy.

Pyongyang: The US` provocative policy has brought the situation on the Korean peninsula " to the brink of war”, North Korea`s state news agency has commented.

Large-scale exercises of the US and South Korean Navy and Air Force held in the Sea of Japan on July 25-28 are an example of this provocative policy that has broken peace and stability in North East Asia, Korean Central News Agency said on yesterday.

A total of 8,000 troops and the George Washington nuclear aircraft carrier took part in this demonstration of force, the KCNA claimed. Moreover, Washington and Seoul intend to hold a series of military exercises targeted against the DPRK next year with an aim to gain military supremacy in North East Asia.

The agency wrote that the United States was actively trying to involve Japan in its provocative strategy.

"In case of aggressive actions on the part of the United States and South Korea, the people and Army of the DPRK will use their powerful potential of self-defence and will defeat the enemy," the KCNA warned.

The KCNA is calling on the United States to respond to the North Korean proposal to sign a peace treaty to replace the 1953 Peace Agreement for the Korean Peninsula if Washington is really interested in achieving durable peace in the Korean peninsula and elsewhere in the region.


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