Kuwaiti women can now sponsor non-Kuwaiti husbands

Wives could sponsor husbands under old system once they reached age of 60.

Dubai: Kuwaiti women, who are married to foreigners, have been given the right to sponsor their children and husbands, a news report here has said.

The decision, announced by the interior minister, marks a step forward for Kuwaiti women who have been pushing for years for such rights with the aim of increasing family stability.

Under the former legal arrangements, the sons and daughters of Kuwaiti mothers and foreign fathers had to be sponsored by companies or institutions when they reached 18 years, the Gulf News report said.

Husbands who left their employers were also forced to seek the sponsorship of companies or establishments in order to continue living in Kuwait.

Wives could sponsor their husbands under the old system once they reached the age of 60. The new law applies to the sons and daughters of Kuwaiti women and is not linked to any conditions.

However, Kuwaiti women cannot sponsor their husbands if they divorce.


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