Labour disrespected me: NRI candidate

An Indian-origin Labour candidate is at the centre of a storm for calling Gordon Brown the "worst Prime Minister" Britain has ever had.

Updated: May 05, 2010, 18:02 PM IST

London: Manish Sood, an Indian-origin
Labour candidate who is at the centre of a storm for calling
Gordon Brown the "worst Prime Minister" Britain has ever had,
said his humiliation within the party forced him to make such
remarks hours before the May 6 election.

A day after making comments against Brown, Sood said:
"I am more Old Labour while the party is now New Labour, so
our views clashed. They have tried to have me deselected three
times. I felt disrespected, dishonoured and degraded. That is
why I chose this week to make my remarks," he said.

Sood, 38, is the Labour candidate in North-west

His remark about Brown caused considerable
embarrassment to Brown and the Labour party that is struggling
in opinion polls. The party is widely expected to lose power
after 13 years in office.

Sood`s mother, Manjula Sood, who until recently was
Britain`s first Asian woman to hold the office Lord Mayor in
Leicester, was distraught at her son`s remarks.

She said: "I think he has a lot of anger inside him. I
didn`t know what his views were until this morning when a
friend called me and said I should turn on the TV news. When I
saw him on screen I felt gutted, I was distraught."

"I was also very angry. The key thing about the Labour
Party is that you must be loyal. Manish has not been loyal and
he has caused trouble with a day to go until a General
Election," she said.

"I am a proud Labour member and Labour councillor. His
late father was a proud party member. This is not what we
expected of Manish," she added.

Sood, however, said he was surprised by the storm
created in the media across the world by his comments against

He said he received an angry call from Trade Secretary
Peter Mandelson, but he stood by his remarks during the heated

"I expected a quiet day. I planned to do a bit of
decorating at home. But then my phone started ringing from 7am
onwards. Sky News, the BBC, media from around the world, they
all wanted to interview me. I didn`t expect my comments to be
so controversial," he said.