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Learn from my mistakes, Romney to Republicans

Last Updated: Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 10:15

Washington: Making his first public speech since losing the last year`s presidential elections, Mitt Romney acknowledged that he made mistakes in his campaign and asked Republican leaders to learn from them.

"We`ve lost races before in the past. But those setbacks prepared us for larger victories," Romney said yesterday, in his address to the Conservative Political Action Conference, currently going on in Maryland.

"It`s up to us to make sure that we learn from our mistakes and my mistakes, and that we take advantage of that learning to make sure that we take back the nation, take back the White House, get the Senate and put in place conservative principles," Romney said amidst loud cheer and applause from the audience.

The former Massachusetts Governor said now it is fashionable in some circles to be pessimistic about America, about conservative solutions, about the Republican Party.

"I utterly reject pessimism. We may not have carried on November 7th, but we haven`t lost the country we love, and we have not lost our way," he said.

"Our nation is full of aspirations and hungry for new solutions. We`re a nation of invention and reinventing. My optimism about America wasn`t diminished by my campaign. In fact, it grew. It grew as I saw the people of America and heard their stories," he said.

Romney said it`s no secret that the last century was an American century, and it`s no secret that over the span of the coming century, that is not written in the stars.
"America`s pre-eminent position is not guaranteed. And the consequence if America were to become surpassed by another nation would be devastating," he said.
"And why do I say that? It`s because the other leading contenders for world leadership -- China, Russia, the jihadists -- not one of them accepts freedom as we understand it. Only America and American strength can preserve freedom for us and for the world and the people we love," Romney warned.


First Published: Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 10:15
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