Lebanese Hezbollah: Peace talks with Israel `dead`

Hassan Nasrallah has praised Arab decision to halt peace talks with Israel.

Beirut: Lebanon`s militant Hezbollah leader
has praised an Arab decision to halt peace talks with Israel,
saying the only option remaining is armed resistance against
the Jewish state.

Hassan Nasrallah spoke to tens of thousands gathered in
Hezbollah`s southern Beirut stronghold for the Ashoura _ a
holiday observed by Shiite Muslims world over marking the
anniversary of the seventh-century death of the Prophet
Muhammad`s grandson Hussein.

Nasrallah`s remarks came a day after Arab foreign
ministers rejected any Israel-Palestinian peace talks before
the US takes a firm stance on the future borders of a
Palestinian state.

Nasrallah says Arab leaders finally realised that talks
with Israel are "dead". Nasrallah, who lives in hiding, spoke
through a video link.


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