Libya minister`s exit could be tipping point: Straw

Libyan foreign minister`s move would be the first high-profile resignation.

London: Britain`s former foreign secretary says the resignation of Libya`s foreign minister could be a "tipping point" for Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

Britain`s government said on Wednesday that Moussa Koussa had arrived in Britain and was resigning from his post — a point the Libyan government denied.

Speaking to BBC radio on Thursday, Jack Straw said Koussa`s apparent defection "will be a very important factor in just adding to the weight against the Gaddafi regime and tipping the balance against him”.
Libya`s justice and interior ministers resigned early in the conflict and joined the rebels fighting in the east. Koussa`s move would be the first high-profile resignation since the US-led air strikes on Libyan forces began.

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