Libya rebels may be killing black workers: AU head

AU head says, Libyan rebels have confused innocent migrant workers with mercenaries.

Addis Ababa: The chairman of the African Union
says Libyan rebels may be indiscriminately killing black
people in Libya because they have confused innocent migrant
workers with mercenaries.

Chairman Jean Ping told reporters today that this is one
of the reasons the AU is refusing to recognize the National
Transitional Council as the country`s interim government.

He said "We need clarification because the NTC seems to
confuse black people with mercenaries .... They are killing
normal workers."

Libya`s rebel National Transitional Council appears to
have secured Libya`s capital after a week of fierce fighting
with loyalists to Muammar Gaddafi.

He said there was no doubt the council now controlled the
capital city and called on both sides to "stop the killing."

Bureau Report

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