Libyan forces battle Gadhafi loyalists in Sirte

British PM David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave Libya`s new rulers strong support during a visit to Tripoli.

Tripoli: A spokesman for Libyan revolutionary forces says a unit has entered the outskirts of Sirte, Gaddafi`s hometown, fighting resistance from loyalists.
Spokesman Ali Gliwan says fighters on Thursday crossed a major highway overpass, known as al-Gharbiat, at the southwestern entrance of Sirte. He said the fighters are encountering some resistance and have come under rocket fire. He says one fighter was killed.
Gliwan, a member of the Misrata military council, said the fighters from his city surprised Gaddafi supporters approaching from the west and south, instead of the east.

Anti-Gaddafi forces have been trying to enter at least three Gaddafi strongholds, including Sirte and Bani Walid, for two weeks.

Bureau Report