Libyan forces will topple rebels in east: Gaddafi

Libya`s Gaddafi has expressed hope that his forces will seize control of key cities from rebels soon.

Updated: Mar 09, 2011, 14:31 PM IST

Tripoli: Moammar Gaddafi has called on Libyans in the rebel-held east of the country to take back control from the opposition leaders who have seized the territory.
Addressing a group of youths from the town of Zintan, 75 miles (120 kilometers) southwest of Tripoli, Gaddafi again blamed al-Qaida operatives from Egypt, Algeria, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories for the turmoil roiling his country since Feb. 15.

Libya`s state television broadcast Gaddafi`s address early on Wednesday, but did not say when the Libyan leader had spoken.
Pro- Gaddafi forces have been battling rebel forces in the east of the country and in a handful of others near the capital Tripoli, which remains under the control of his regime.

Gaddafi has been in power since 1969.