Libyan woman claiming rape will face charges

Libyan authorities have labelled al-Obeidi a drunk, prostitute & a thief.

Tripoli: A Libyan government spokesman
says the woman who burst into a hotel to tell foreign
journalists how she was gang raped by Moammar Gaddafi`s troops
will face criminal charges.

Moussa Ibrahim said today the men accused by Iman
al-Obeidi have filed a case against her, calling her
accusations a "grave offense."

Al-Obeidi rushed distraught into a Tripoli hotel on
Saturday, seeking to speak about her ordeal. She was tackled
by waitresses and government minders and dragged away from the
site, and has since been missing. Her parents claim she is
held hostage at Gaddafi`s compound in the Libyan capital.

Libyan authorities have alternately labelled al-Obeidi
a drunk, a prostitute and a thief.


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