Libyans to get Constitution offer after crisis

Ibrahim Moukhzam told media that it would be a "modern Constitution".

Tripoli: A draft Constitution under preparation for four years will be submitted to the Libyan people at the end of a crisis that has raged since mid-February, the head of Parliament said late Saturday.

Mohamed Zwei, head of the General People`s Congress, said: "The draft was given to us recently. We have a legal committee that must examine the text before submitting it to the Basic People`s Congresses" (local Parliaments) as laid down in leader Muammar Gaddafi`s theory of "people`s power”.

"The BPCs will revise the articles of the Constitution and carry out amendments as desired once the situation in the country calms down," he added.

On February 21, a few days after the insurrection began, Gaddafi`s son Seif al-Islam had said the Parliament would meet shortly to decide on a new penal code and new laws giving more freedom to the press and civil society, as well as "starting a dialogue on a Constitution”.

The Libyan government formed a judicial committee at the end of 2008 to examine a text drawn up by the Gaddafi Foundation headed by Seif al-Islam.

Ibrahim Moukhzam, committee member and expert in constitutional law, told a press conference that it would be a "modern Constitution" inspired by "dozens of European and Third World countries` Constitutions”.

Bureau Report

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