Local judge files corruption charges against Argentina VP: Official

An Argentine judge has filed corruption charges against the country`s vice president in a case linked to his time as finance minister, court sources said late Friday.

Buenos Aires: An Argentine judge filed corruption charges against Vice President Amado Boudou over the 2010 purchase, while he was finance minister, of a company that prints the local currency, court sources said late Friday.

Boudou is the first Argentine vice president ever to face such charges while in office. President Cristina Kirchner`s second in command is currently traveling in Cuba and set to return home next week.

Boudou, 51, faces charges of bribery and "negotiations incompatible" with his position as Finance Minister.
Judge Ariel Lijo also filed charges against Boudou`s partner, an alleged frontman, and three other people, according to the Center for Judicial Information, the official news site of Argentina`s courts.

Boudou testified in a seven-hour hearing on June 10, insisting that he is innocent and claiming to be the victim of a media smear campaign.

The Kirchner government up to now has fully supported Boudou.
Judge Lijo has ordered Boudou to appear in court on July 16 for further testimony.