Lockerbie bomber dies; Cameron rejects new inquiry

UK PM David Cameron has dismissed calls for a fresh inquiry into the conviction of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi.

London: British Prime Minster David Cameron has dismissed the possibility of a UK inquiry into the conviction of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who died in Tripoli.

Cameron said the court case that convicted Megrahi was conducted in a proper manner and news of his death should ‘be a time to remember the 270 people who lost their lives in what was an appalling terrorist act’.

According to The Telegraph, many of the families claim Megrahi would be posthumously cleared of any involvement in the worst terrorist attack in the UK.

They want his appeal to be reopened and said any inquiry may have to be held outside Scotland, to avoid the “tentacles” of the prosecution service.

News of Megrahi’s death was confirmed by his brother Abdulhakim, who told a Libyan news agency he had been slipping in and out of a coma and died with his family around him on Sunday.

According to the report, his funeral will be held at Tripoli’s main cemetery today.

Megrahi was convicted of murdering 270 people, including 11 people on the ground in Lockerbie, on December 21, 1988.