London police chief offered to quit over royal rioting: Report

Students protesting against tuition fee hike had attacked Rolls Royce Limo.

London: Metropolitan police chief Paul Stephenson has offered to resign from his post over an attack on a limousine carrying Prince Charles and his wife, after it ran into an unruly group of students here last week, a media report said.

The car carrying the heir to the English throne and Camilla was daubed with paint and had a window smashed on Thursday after it got caught up in street violence by students protesting against a steep hike in university fees.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Stephenson had called up Prince Charles the following morning to apologise personally for the security lapse and offered to step down, `The Sunday Times` reported.

"Sir Paul made it clear that if they (the palace) thought he should resign, he would do so. He did not expect the offer to be accepted but he felt he ought to make it," the British newspaper quoted a source as saying.

An unnamed colleague added: "Sir Paul is an honourable man and thought it right to consider his position."

Though a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police has confirmed to the newspaper that Sir Paul had apologised to the heir to the throne, but he declined to discuss the content of their private conversations.

In the wake of the attack on the car carrying the Royal couple, the police denied that a breakdown in radio communications actually led to the vehicle getting caught up in violent student protests.

The police said the couple`s route through central London to a theatre was checked thoroughly minutes before the incident and deemed to be safe.

The Scotland Yard also said that it has launched a probe into "the student disorder" and "anyone identified as being actively involved in criminality at the student protests will be prosecuted".