Love triangle twist surfaces as Bo Xilai trial ends

Bo Xilai said that his former right hand man had turned disloyal and defected because he was secretly in love with his wife.

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

Jinan: The theatrical courtroom drama in Bo Xilai trial in China ended on a more dramatic note when the fallen politician on Monday went to the extent of claiming that his former right hand man, and police chief Wang Lijun and his wife Gu Kailai were having an illicit relationship.

The latest twist of a love triangle in the story of Bo Xilai’s trial surfaced today when according to the transcripts released by Jinan court, Bo Xilai said that his former right hand man had turned disloyal and defected because he was secretly in love with his wife.

“He had hidden feelings for her, his emotions were in a knot, he couldn’t control himself,” said Xilai.

"He muscled in on my home, on my feelings, which is the real reason for his defection."

Wang Lijun, former police chief had defected to a US consulate in Chengdu in February last after having told Bo that his wife was involved in the murder of British businessman, Neil Heywood.

In closing arguments, Bo Xilai vented his frustration against his wife saying, “All the charges against me in here, they show that a very important witness in regards to my guilt is my partner, my wife Gu Kailai. Letting wife give evidence against a husband is an important feature of this trial."

Bo Xilai, ex Communist Party chief of Chongqing metropolis, faced a trial spanning over five days where the Jinan court heard allegations accusing Bo of graft, bribery and of misusing power to cover up his wife’s role in a British businessman Neil Heywood’s murder.

The trial that ended on Monday afternoon has exposed many interesting facets of Chinese elite politicians.

The verdict would be announced later, said the court.

Having repeatedly denied the charges against him, Xilai presented an aggressive defence, in which he called his wife insane and the former police chief as a vile liar.

Claiming that businessman Tang Xiaolin had framed him in bribery, Xilai called him a “mad dog”.

Badmouthing by Bo Xilai has emerged as a prominent feature of the trial even though the reports say that the transcripts released on China’s micro-blogging site Weibo are highly edited.

The prosecutors demanded strict punishment for Bo, saying that his circumstances didn’t meet the criteria of leniency.

"The defendant`s crimes are extremely grave, and he also refuses to admit guilt. As such, the circumstances do not call for a lenient punishment but a severe one, in accordance with the law”, said the prosecutors according to a transcript.
The prosecutors also said that Xilai had backtracked on various “pre-written testimony and materials” and hence didn’t deserve leniency.

“We take this opportunity to remind Bo Xilai: the facts of the crimes are objective, and can`t be shifted around on your whim," the transcript cited one of the prosecutors as saying.