Lufthansa offers Indians a `Touch of Home` in air

The Indianisation of the in-flight menu is yet another welcome touch of home.

New Delhi: German carrier Lufthansa is offering an ``Indianised`` flight experience geared to give its passengers a touch of home away from home - be it on board entertainment or the in-flight menu.

In fact this experience starts right from the point of first contact at check-in, where passengers are greeted and served by well-trained Indian staff. On board, Indian crew members add to that touch of home to in-flight hospitality.

For students leaving the comfort of home, family and friends, the flight out of India is the very first step into the new world as an international student. As the airplane takes off, it evokes a heady mix of excitement and anxiety. The thrill of anticipation about what the future holds at university, sprinkled with the apprehension of dealing with a completely new way of life. The mind is racing, observing everything around, wondering what it will be like in a new country, new college, new culture and one already starts missing home.

To calm down and relax those nerves Lufthansa`s range of entertainment programs includes the extremely popular `Rhythm of India` audio channel on which one can listen to old and new songs to feel more at home. Interestingly, Indian music was introduced in Lufthansa flights to and from India over 30 years ago in 1987.

As part of the on board entertainment, Lufthansa also offers Indian films along with its range of international movies, as well as a variety of Indian newspapers and magazines.

The Indianisation of the in-flight menu is yet another welcome touch of home. The menu is adapted to Indian tastes and culinary preferences, with special meals available such as Asian vegetarian meal, Hindu meal, Moslem meal and Jain meal.

Incidentally, even Lufthansa`s famous gourmet Star Chefs program, catering to the First and Business Class guests on the India sector, includes the culinary repertoire of Star Chefs Farman Ali and Surender Mohan from India. Both chefs manage the famous Jamavar restaurants in Bangalore and Mumbai at the Indian Leela Group luxury hotel chain. They are devotees of traditional Indian cooking, with an accent on a host of regional specialties from areas between the Himalayas and Mannar.

On arrival at hubs like Frankfurt, the Lufthansa Welcome Service is available to greet guests in Indian languages including Tamil, Punjabi and Hindi. Aimed at guests who speak neither German nor English, this service simplifies their arrival or stay at the airport during transit. Easy to recognise information stands in each language announce the Welcome Service at the gates.

Lufthansa has imbibed this spirit of Indian hospitality into its unique tradition of efficiency, reliability and sterling service. Committed to expanding and deepening our partnership with India at every step, Lufthansa is by far the most trusted airline in India. It is little wonder then that Lufthansa is the No 1 European airline in India.