Lula could run again in 2014: Brazil`s chief of staff

Brazil`s popular outgoing President hands power to Dilma Rousseff on Jan 1.

Brasilia: Brazil`s popular outgoing President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who hands power to his political ally Dilma Rousseff on January 01, could run for president again in 2014, his chief of staff said.

"I think that (Lula) will look at the political situation. If Dilma`s government goes well, of course she will seek re-election. If there are difficulties and Lula is the answer for (the Workers` Party) to win, he could be a candidate," chief of staff Gilberto Carvalho said in an interview published in the O Globo newspaper.

Lula has a staggering 87 percent approval rating after his eight years in office.

Asked if he would risk his favourable legacy, Carvalho said "that would be a risk ... but Lula would come back in a favourable position. Or a very necessary one."

Brazil`s Constitution does not allow Lula to seek three consecutive terms.

Rousseff, elected in October, is the first woman voters chose as Brazil`s leader.

In his eight years in power, Lula was a driving force in raising Brazil`s profile internationally and helping bring national prosperity to Latin America`s biggest economy.

Rousseff has vowed to continue his policies, though she faces challenges from a fragile global economy, rising inflation and infrastructure unable to keep up with Brazil`s growth of over seven percent.

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