Major powers against solving nuclear issue: Ahmadinejad

Iran’s Prez has said major powers are against solving the controversy surrounding nuclear programme.

Tehran: Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has
said major powers are against solving the controversy
surrounding Iran`s nuclear programme, state television on Thursday
reported on its website.

"In the next few days, the dialogue will commence but
our experience shows that they are not seeking to solve the
issue," Ahmadinejad said, referring to upcoming talks with six
countries over Tehran`s nuclear drive.

"From our side the issue has already been solved and
we will continue our peaceful nuclear activities. The Western
countries are arrogant and do not take others into account."

The talks are aimed at allaying Western concerns that
Iran`s nuclear programme is masking a weapons drive under the
guise of a civilian programme, something Tehran denies.

Iran has proposed the talks be held in Istanbul on
November 23 or December 5. Britain, China, France, Russia, the
United States and Germany agree on Istanbul, but have proposed
a date of November 15.

The final date is yet to be fixed.
Ahmadinejad questioned again the mandate of the six

"What is the basis of this group and based on which
law it was formed," he asked.
"If it consists of the five UN Security Council
members, then what is Germany doing here? We welcome Germany`s
presence, but then we say that for the reason Germany is in
the talks, others should also be in."

Iran has previously said that allies Brazil and Turkey
be involved in these talks.

Ahmadinejad also accused the UN atomic watchdog of
"giving information" to Iran`s arch-foe, the United States.

"Accepting the additional protocol means that all our
nuclear activities must be under the supervision of the IAEA
(International Atomic Energy Agency), which gives information
to America," he said.

In February 2006, Iran ceased to apply the additional
protocol of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which
calls for tougher inspections of nuclear activities of member

On Monday, IAEA chief Yukiya Amano told the UN General
Assembly "Iran has not provided the necessary cooperation to
permit the agency to confirm that all nuclear material in Iran
is in peaceful activities."

Iran must carry out "full implementation" of IAEA and
UN Security Council resolutions, he said.