Malaysia Airlines plane search: As it happened

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 people was hijacked by more than one person with significant flying experience, Malaysian authorities concluded in their investigation report.

Zee Media Bureau/ Neha Attre and Himanshu Kapoor

10:23 pm: Plane could have landing near Kyrgyzstan border

The investigators believe it could have flown, are either north towards the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan border, or south towards Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.

If it flew north, at 8.11 am, the plane could have been above Thailand, China, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan.

However, some investigators believe that the plane couldn`t have flow that far without being detected by India and China radars.

9:11 pm: Pictures of children on flight MH370

the flight manifest which was published by Malaysia Airlines last week.

It shows that the passengers included five children, all aged between two and four.

Among them was three-year-old Hu Siwan, from Beijing.

8:29 pm: Thailand calls off search for missing plane

Thailand has called off its search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane over the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea after Malaysian Premier said hunt for the aircraft will shift to two new destinations.

6:31 pm: Plane crashed into Indian Ocean?

CNN today reported that the missing Malaysia flight MH370 may have crashed either in the Bay of Bengal or in the Indian Ocean as the search continues for the plane.

Malaysian Prime Minister had today confirmed that flight data showed the jet deviated due to "deliberate action".

5:50 pm: Satellite received signals from missing plane

A British satellite communications company today said it had recorded electronic ping signals from the missing Malaysian aircraft which could be analysed to help estimate its location.

As the hunt for Flight MH370 remained inconclusive, the information from Inmarsat could prove to be a valuable break in the frustrating search for the plane with 239 people aboard that mysteriously vanished from radar screens last week - PTI report.

3:20 pm: Bangladesh joins search operation

Bangladesh joined the search operation to trace the missing plane and deployed two patrol aircraft and two navy frigates - BNS Omar Faruque and BNS Bangabandhu – to look for possible clues, PTI reported.

It is now a part of international search team including 14 other countries which are looking for the missing jet in the Bay of Bengal area.

2:50 pm: Give more accurate information on missing plane: China

China reportedly asked Malaysia to provide more accurate information on the missing aircraft.

It also asked Malaysia to get involve more countries in the search operation ask other relevant countries to help look for the plane, China`s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, as per Reuters report.

2:00 pm: Police search home of missing plane`s pilot

Malaysian police searched the home of 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, pilot of the missing plane, today afternoon, as per Reuters report.

Shah`s house was searched shortly after Prime Minister Najib Razak ended his news conference in which he confirmed that the plane as deliberately diverted.

12:00 pm: Missing plane`s transponder deliberately switched off: Malaysian PM

Malaysian PM Najib Razak while addressing a press conference on Saturday said that based on the satellite communication, we have concluded that the aircraft communication was deliberately switched off between Malaysia and Vietnamese air space.

Razak further said that the communication system of the aircraft – Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) and its transponder – were deliberately switched off by someone on the plane.

He added that the disappearance of the plane is a deliberate act and that the search for the missing plane has been made a national priority.

The Malaysian PM said that the investigators are now focusing on the crew and passengers of the plane.

Razak said that while the search operation in the South China Sea will now end, it will continue in other stretches from Indonesia to south Indian Ocean and two new corridors from Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan.

The Malaysian PM said that new areas are being looked to hunt for the possible clues including stretches from Kazakhastan to Turkmenistan.

The massive international search operation involves 14 countries, 43 ships and 8 aircraft, says Razak.

11:30 am: Indian Navy search Andaman Sea for missing plane

The Indian Navy ships along with the planes and helicopters have not found any trace of the missing place in the Andaman Sea islands on the third day of the search operations, the AP reported.

The search operation has now been extended into the Bay of Bengal, VSR Murthy, a top Indian coast Guard official reportedly said.

11:00 am: Have been asked to help find the missing plane: Psychic Uri Geller

The famous psychic Uri Geller has revealed that he has been asked to use his powers to help find the missing Malaysian Airline plane, the ANI reported.

Geller further said that a `substantial figure` in Malaysia has requested him to asked him to find out the fate of the missing plane.

10:45 am: Malaysian PM to address press conference today

Malaysian PM Najib Razak will address a press conference today on the missing Malaysian airliner.

10:30 am: Authorities looking for hijack motive

Meanwhile, the authorities have still not established any motive for the hijack and no demands have also been made so far.
10:00 am: Malaysian aircraft has been hijacked, say investigators

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 carrying 239 people was hijacked by more than one person who had significant flying experience, the Malaysian authorities concluded in their investigation report .

The investigators further said that the communication devices of the aircraft were switched off after the hijack and the plane was then steered off-course. It is yet to be ascertained where the plane has been taken.

9:00 am: Malaysian plane flew for 1,600 kms after losing contact: Reports

The plane may have flown over around 1,600 kms after losing contact, the reports stated.

8:45 am: `Malaysia airlines plane flew over Indian Ocean`

It is being speculated that the plane might have travelled in the
northwest direction from where it turned towards south and flew over the Indian Ocean.

8:15 am: `Aircraft flew for hours before losing contact`

Recent investigations have revealed that the aircraft may have been flying for hours before it might have run out of fuel.

While the last known contact by the plane was over South China Sea, reports state that the missing aircraft may have reportedly sent signals to satellites hours after it lost contact with the radar.

8:00 am: Search for the missing plane enters second week

The investigators continue to be baffled about the fate of the missing aircraft and what might have happened to it as the search operation entered its second week.

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