Malaysia bans sale of children sex education book

Authorities have banned the sale of a children`s sex education book over concerns it could "corrupt people`s minds".

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian authorities have
banned the sale of a children`s sex education book by a
British author over concerns it could "corrupt people`s

The Home Ministry has asked bookstores to immediately
stop the sale of Peter Mayle`s illustrated book `Where Did I
Come From`, a book explaining the facts of life.

Ministry Deputy Secretary General Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi
today said said they had started studying the content of the
book and sales had to stop until a decision was made.

"If the contents are found to have elements that could
harm the moral of the community, we would ban it," he said in
a statement.

The book, published in 1984, describes the reproductive
process from intercourse to birth. The book targeted the kids
under the age of 12.

Peter Mayle is a British author of educational book and
his books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

"The book was easily available at the children`s section
at several book stores but the degree of obscenity inside the
book was too much," an official of the ruling Umno party said
adding that the illustrations of naked male and female bodies
complete with genitalia indicates the private parts of human
beings and specific details of how two person are making love.

He also noted that the book described the act of sexual
intercourse and how the male and female genitalia functioned.

The book is written in simple language and was placed on
shelves for children under the age of 12. Asked if the book
was meant for educational purposes, the official said although
it might be suitable for children at the writer`s country of
origin, it was still not suitable in Malaysia.


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