Malaysia jet search: As it happened on Wednesday

As the search resumed on Wednesday for the Malaysian jet remains, Australian Parliament observed moment of silence to mourn for the victims of the ill-fated plane. There were six Australian citizens on board Flight MH370.

By Supriya Jha | Last Updated: Mar 26, 2014, 23:51 PM IST

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09:05 pm: Experts say Malaysia jet hunt "most complex" ever

The search mission for the ill-fated Flight MH370 is being touted as the "the most complex, the most difficult in aviation history".

An aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas, publisher of, has described the search for MH370 as most challenging ever, reports the AP.

"The weather in this part of the world is far more difficult than that experienced in the search for [Air France flight] 447," AP quoted him as saying.

08:00 pm: China tells Malaysia to provide evidence of crash

China`s special envoy to Malaysia, Zhang Yesui, has asked China to strengthen information sharing and provide evidence of announced crash, CCTV news reported. Many questions are being raised on Malaysian PM`s announcement of plane having ended in Southern Indian Ocean without having any plausible proof.

07:40 pm: Multi-million dollar lawsuit filed on Malaysia Airlines

Already staring at bankruptcy in wake of MH370 crisis, Malaysia Airlines seems for a fiercer financial trouble as an American law firm filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit on the airline.

The lawsuit was filed by Chicago-based Ribbeck Law Chartered yesterday in a court in Illinois on behalf of Januari Siregar, whose father was aboard Flight MH370, reports the PTI.

05:45 pm: We did a tremendous job: Malaysian minister

Denying that Malaysian handling of jet probe was meted out a "bruising" treatment from the international media, Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said,“To say bruising is a bit harsh because as I said it before this is unprecedented. Anybody that has gone through what we have gone through in these 17 days have indicated to me that we have a done a tremendous job."

05:00 pm: AMSA says finds three different objects

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said three objects have been spotted in search for MH370. AMSA news tweeted that civilian aircraft spotted objects which were likely ropes. And a New Zealand`s Orion aircraft saw a blue coloured object.

AMSA added that none of the objects were distinctive of #MH370 or satellite imagery.

04:00 pm: `History will judge us well, says Malaysian minister`

Facing a volley of questions in a news briefing, Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein sought to defend the image of Malaysian govt and Malaysia airlines saying, “Not many countries in the world could get 26 countries to work together..Not many countries can get all the most sophisticated planes from countries from every corner of the world to come and assist.”

He added that history would judge Malaysia fairly over the country`s handling of MH370 crisis.

"I think history will judge us well,” he said.

03:45 pm: `New lead will help narrow search area`

The objects spotted by the fresh French satellite images vary in size from 1m in length to as big as 23m. Malaysian minister Hishammuddin Hussein didn`t confirm that these belonged to MH370, but said it would help reduce the search area.

"It must be emphasised that we cannot tell whether the potential objects are from MH370. Nevertheless, this is another new lead that will help direct the search operation," he said.

03:20 pm: 122 new objects found, says Malaysian minister

In what might be a solid clue, 122 fresh objects have been spotted by French satellite images, says Malaysian transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein.

The objects were located around 2557km from Perth, but Malaysia`s acting transport minister said it could not be said if the debris belonged to MH370.

The images are dated March 23.

02:45 pm: Chinese families afraid of debris being found

Even after Malaysian PM announced that the Malaysian Flight MH370 "ended in Indian Ocean", many relatives of those on the plane are reluctant to accept the bitter proposition. Many are keeping hopes alive and are afraid of any debris being recovered as it would confirm the crash.

One of the relatives, Wang Chunjiang said, "We want to know the truth, but we are afraid the debris of the plane should be found..If they find debris, then our last hope would be dashed," the BBC quoted him as saying.

02:10 pm: Malaysian tech experts brief Chinese families in Lido Hotel

Chinese families camped in Lido hotel in Beijing were being briefed by Malaysian technical & medical experts about the report from British agency Inmarsat.

01:40 pm: Will solve the riddle: Aus PM promises an anxious world

Pledging to do everything possible in the search for the ill-fated plane, Australian PM Tony Abbott on Wednesday expressed sympathy for the victims` kins saying, "There`s a terrible trauma involved - there`s the uncertainty, there`s the anguish. It`s just an unspeakable time for these people", the BBC reported.

He vowed that Australia won`t leave no stone unturned to solve the "riddle" of the plane.

"We owe it to the families, we owe it to an anxious world to do everything we can to finally locate some wreckage and to do whatever we can to solve the riddle of this extraordinarily ill-fated flight," he said.

01:00 pm: US Navy`s underwater vehicle Bluefin-21, black box locator to reach Perth today

US Navy has sent a towed pinger locator and a Bluefin-21 robotic underwater vehicle to Australia, to help locate the flight recorders of the plane.

While the pinger uses acoustic signals to track down the black box flight recorder, to a maximum depth of 6000 metres, the robotic underwater vehicle Bluefin-21 is equipped with sophisticated sonars that can produce detailed images of the seabed.

12:30 pm: Australian Parliament mourns for Malaysia jet tragedy

As the search resumed on Wednesday for the Malaysian jet remains, Australian Parliament observed moment of silence to mourn for the victims of the ill-fated plane. There were six Australian citizens on board Flight MH370.

Aus Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in the Parliament, "We mourn all those 239 passengers and crew. We especially mourn the six Australian citizens and one Australian resident that must be assumed dead and we grieve with their families and their loved-ones."

12:00 pm: Seven aircraft in search area, four en route

After the search operation was suspended yesterday due to rough weather, the hunt was begun on Wednesday. AMSA tweeted that while seven aircraft were already on the site, four were on the way.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 disappeared on March 8, while it was bound to Beijing. Malaysian PM Najib Razak on Monday ended all hopes of any survivors being left when he said that the plane`s last position was in the southern Indian Ocean and that it ended in the vast waters.

The announcement has left the anguished Chinese families furious and frustrated as many of them yesterday clashed with police in front of Malaysian embassy in China.