Malaysian police find new human smuggling route

Malaysian marine police said they had discovered a new human trafficking route.

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian marine police said
Sunday they had discovered a new human trafficking route, via
neighbouring Singapore`s Changi airport, after detaining 10
Afghans being smuggled to Indonesia.

Southern marine police Chief Khamsani Abdul Rahman told
a news agency the Afghans were captured after police chased a boat off
southern Johor state early Friday.

"The smugglers usually bring in the illegals through
Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then sneak them out
illegally into Indonesia and on to Australia but traffickers
have changed this route recently," Khamsani said.

He said syndicates were now flying Afghans to Changi,
Singapore`s international airport, "and then take them across
the causeway into Malaysia before being smuggled out to

Khamsani said the 10 detained Afghans had destroyed their
identification papers and passports, making investigations
into their case more difficult.