Malaysian police unearths credit card scam

Seven postmen who intercepted letters containing credit cards have been held.

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian police has
unearthed a credit card scam after apprehending a group of
seven postmen who intercepted letters containing credit cards,
switched the microchips of the cards with fake ones and then
delivered them to the applicants.

The postmen, with the help of other syndicate members,
then used the cards with the original microchips to go on a
spending spree, local media reports said adding that the
syndicate that has been operating since 2009 chalked up close
to 1.5 crore rupees in purchases.

City deputy police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner
(SAC) Amar Singh said police got wind of the syndicate after
they arrested one of its members in the act of stealing a
credit card at a post office last week.

"The postmen would intercept the new credit cards in
the mail and switch the microchips with fake ones before
repacking the mail and sending them to the applicants," he
said adding that the syndicate also had the help of a National
Registration Department (NRD) officer who supplied them with
the names of the mothers of the real credit card applicants.

The names would be needed to activate the cards.

"The syndicate had racked up between 500,000 ringgit
and 1 million ringgit in credit card charges for purchases of
luxury items including electronic goods," he said.