Maldives court paves way for Nasheed`s trial

A Maldives court annulled a lower court`s decision not to try Nasheed due to lack of jurisdiction, paving the way for the ousted president`s trial.

Male: A Maldives court on Wednesday annulled a lower court`s decision not to try Mohamed Nasheed due to lack of jurisdiction, paving the way for the ousted president`s trial in connection with the arrest of a top judge during his regime.

Ruling in favour of the Prosecutor General, the High Court said Nasheed`s trial can be held at the Hulhumale` Court, which had earlier ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to hear the case.

The case was filed with the Hulhumale` Magistrate Court by the Prosecutor General`s Office, against Nasheed in relation to the arrest and detention of Chief Judge of Criminal Court, Abdullah Mohamed at a military facility during the days of unrest against his government.

The PG had requested Hulhumale` Court to review its decision but the Court said its decision cannot be reviewed unless it is annulled by a higher court.

The allegations against Nasheed, former Defence Minister Thalhath Ibrahim Kaleyfaan, former Chief of Defence Force Moosa Ali Jaleel, Brigadier General Ibrahim Mohamed Didi, and Colonel Mohamed Ziyad pertain to wrongful detention.
Meanwhile, the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), established to investigate the events leading to the transfer of government on February 7, has delayed sending its report to the President by a day to tomorrow.

Spokesperson of the President`s Office Abbas Adil Riza said that subsequent to a request by the President, the panel will present its report to the President before 10:00 tomorrow.

"Once the President gets it, it will be publicised," Abbas said.
The Police and military are preparing for any violence that may occur following this report.

The Police have said that any protests following the publication of the report will be broken up if violence breaks out.

Superintendent of Police, Abdullah Nawaz, told reporters at a press conference today that information had been received of the possibility of planned violence coinciding with the report`s release.

He said police will cooperate with peaceful protests but would not tolerate violence or unruly behaviour.

Nasheed and his aides today started a camp where they will stay until the report is issued.