Man kills three judges, himself in China court

A bank security team leader in China opened fire with a machine gun on Tuesday.

Beijing: In yet another gory social revenge
attack in China, a bank security team leader angry over the
way his divorce case was handled barged into a local court and
opened fire with a machine gun today, killing three judges and
injuring three more before turning the weapon on himself.

46-year-old Zhu Jun, head of the security squad of the
branch Post Bureau, a bank in Lingling District in central
Hunan province, attacked the judges in the District People`s
Court in Yongzhou city, the state-run media reported.

He was armed with a sub-machine gun and two pistols,
which he took from his subordinates on the pretext of
getting the weapons examined by higher authorities.

The judges were hit by a hail of bullets, leaving three
of them dead and three injured. After attacking the judges,
Zhu shot himself dead, local officials said.

Zhu, who had a son, divorced his wife three years ago and
lived with his parents.

Investigations revealed that Zhu carried out the attack
to take revenge on the court which had handled his divorce
case, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

Zhu`s family and colleagues told police that he thought
the court unjustly handled the property division when he was
getting divorced three years ago.

However, the three judges killed in today`s attack were
not involved in Zhu`s divorce case, police said.

Zhu was on sick leave for two months and only came back
to work three days ago. The incident took place when the
judges were discussing a case unrelated to Zhu.

China of late has been experiencing a series of horrific
violent attacks.

At least 18 children were killed and nearly 100 injured
in a series of social revenge attacks on kindergarten kids
which were blamed on men frustrated by failures in life. Some
of the attackers had targeted children with kitchen cleavers
and knives.

As a result of these attacks, security has been stepped
up all over the country.

In a swift action, two men responsible for the attacks on
school children were executed by firing squads after they were
held guilty by courts.