Meet the teen WikiLeaks volunteer who turned FBI mole
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Last Updated: Monday, July 01, 2013, 13:17
Washington: Sigurder 'Siggi' Thordarson has claimed that he changed sides from being a WikiLeaks volunteer to a FBI informant back in 2012 which strengthened the federal agency's look out for Julian Assange.

Thordarson who had joined WikiLeaks in February 2010 said that he handed over pages of chat logs, thousands of pictures, videos, images, internal documents, etc. about WikiLeaks including the text of purported chats with Assange and high-profile WikiLeaks allies, ABC News reports.

According to the report, Thordarson 'unapologetic' about what he did said that he provided the FBI with one terabyte of data to which the FBI paid him 5,000 dollars over several months.

WikiLeaks has called Thordarson's role being exaggerated as claimed by him adding that he was a troubled young man who did manage several minor tasks for the organization as one of hundreds of volunteers all over the world.

Accusing the FBI, WikiLeaks said that there is strong indication that the FBI used a combination of coercion and payments to pressure the young man to cooperate, without naming Thordarson.

Former volunteer, Jonsdottir said that she had warned Assange about Thordarson but apparently Asasnge did not pay heed to the warnings and little less than a year Thordarson turned on WikiLeaks by contacting the US Embassy.

She believed that Thordarson has some psychological issues, and that he needs to seek legal help before this media narrative spins out of control.

The report said that Thordarson furnished huge data about inside information but declined when the FBI agents allegedly asked him to wear a watch with a recording device in it to tape Assange.

Thordarson added that he decided to turn on WikiLeaks because he believed Assange was guilty of something adding that he didn't want to participate in 'illegal hacking' against government/corporations just so that WikiLeaks could have something to leak.

His life as a double agent of sorts ended in July 2012 when he was booted from WikiLeaks for allegedly selling WikiLeaks merchandise online and pocketing the profits of some 50,000 dollars.

Officials at the US Embassy in Iceland and the FBI did not comment on the claims made by Thordarson, the report added.


First Published: Monday, July 01, 2013, 12:25

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