Merkel mobile row to overshadow EU Summit in Brussels

Merkel mobile row to overshadow EU Summit in Brussels

Zee Media Bureau

Brussels: The European Union Summit is slated to begin in Brussels, with the controversy over German Chancellor Angela Merkel set to overshadow the talks of economy and business.

Though the summit was meant for recovery of European economy, the reports of US spying on France and Germany are set to surface during the talks.

German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande are expected to rake up the issue of NSA spying on them.

Germany and France both have summoned the US ambassadors over the issue which seems to becoming a source of increasing trouble for the US.

The US has been under fire from European allies in recent days with France, Brazil and Mexico fuming over similar reports of US spying.

The furore over the National Security Agency spying on foreign countries and their leaders was reignited after a report in the French newspaper Le Monde claimed that the US had tracked 70.3 million phone calls in France in a time span of just 30 days between 10 December, 2012, and 8 January, 2013.

The fury against the US had intensified by a similar report in the German weekly Der Spiegel according to which the NSA also hacked into the email account of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon who called the act of spying as "affront to the institutions of the country".

Earlier, Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff cancelled a visit to the US after reports surfaced saying that the NSA had tracker messages on her cell phone and her aides.